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AMARO DI DOBBIACO – Bitter 100 ml Flask


- forte (58%)
- raffinato
- generoso

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It is only in Dobbiaco, town of the famous Three Peaks, that you can find this Bitter which takes its name Amaro di Dobbiaco from here.

By selecting the best herbs from his laboratory with dedication, the local pharmacist, Dr. Barbierato, has created a amaro that evokes the scents and colors of the Dolomites.

For whom is it indicated ?

It is suitable for those with a fine palate. For those who appreciate a strong, generous and fragrant liqueur with digestive properties.

Why more active?

Dr. Gianangelo Barbierato has carefully chosen the plants of his laboratory. The refined extraction method based on a slow infusion in high-proof alcohol allows to obtain a particular roundness and completeness of flavours. What was born as a liqueur for our private guests, thanks to its uniqueness, sweet taste and delicate scents has become a refined after meal appreciated by an ever wider public.

Why is it used?

It has digestive, deflating, choleretic, stimulant properties. It is drunk above all for pleasure, because it is good. Savor, taste, enjoy.

How does it look like?

Amber-brown liqueur with characteristic gold reflections. Very pleasant to the nose with high, slightly bitter and aromatic hints. On ice, it changes color after a few minutes, turning green. This is the right moment to drink it.

How to use?

Excellent after a meal, it can also be sipped as an aperitif by diluting it with water and adding ice and a sprig of mint.

Why exactly this product?

Strong liqueur (58%), intensely aromatic and with little sugar. The digestive, purifying and perfumed herbs and the slow infusion with high-proof alcohol make it refined and pleasant on the palate.

The Amaro tells the story of Dobbiaco, Pusteria, South Tyrol, the Dolomites.


Not for sale to minors under the age of 18

An irresponsible use of alcohol can lead to even serious risks for the health and safety of individuals and for their civil coexistence.

• Ingredienti: Assenzio, Agrimonia, Arancio Amaro, Anice Verde, Carciofo, China, Finocchio, Genziana, Menta, Rosmarino, Sambuco, Achillea, Angelica, Anice Stellato, Calamo Aromatico., Cardamomo Semi, Cumino, Fumaria, Liquirizia, Melissa, Salvia, Timo.

• Forma articolo: liquore
• Quantità: 100ml
• Marchio: Farmacia Dobbiaco

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