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Kit Sport

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  • Arnica After Sport, with Arnica Montana, Boswellia and Horse Chestnut
  • Arnica Thermo​, with Arnica Montana, Devil's Claw and Capsicum
  • Magnesium Forte, with high dosage of magnesium carbonate
  • Useful to avoid the side effects of too much movement
  • Ideal for those who practice sporting activities to promote muscle recovery





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With ingredients from the Dolomites

Tested quality

Made in Italy

Supplements for your wellbeing
How it all started

Arnica creams since 1974, a family story

The history of Farmacia Dobbiaco is a family history. Since 1974 the pharmacist and chemist Gianangelo Barbierato has been interested in traditional medicine, immediately recognizing the potential of nature .

Later his son Sandro, equally passionate, continued to study to improve his preparations. And so, from the heart of the Dolomites , the products of Farmacia Dobbiaco are born, closely linked to the Alpine tradition.

The herbs that grow in this climate produce a high concentration of active ingredients , which give greater strength and effectiveness to the preparations, to surprise you and make you even more attached to our territory.

Nature in the heart

Artisan excellence from the Dolomites, feel the nature

Numerous natural herbs have always been used to heal various ailments , hence the desire of Farmacia Dobbiaco to study their benefits more thoroughly and improve the quality of the products to adapt them to the needs of a wider clientele. We started from a few herbs and then, over the years, broaden the choice, keeping "quality" as the watchword .

Even today, when Dr. Sandro goes on his bike rides on the mountain paths, always stopping to observe the herbs he knows well and which he uses in supplements, constantly finding confirmation of his studies on traditional treatments