ENERGY SHAMPOO – Sample – Farmacia Dobbiaco

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Very delicate shampoo with a revitalizing action.

The precious Alpine Imperatoria extract gives strength, shine and tone to your hair. Daily use.

Who is our energy shampoo indicated for?

It is suitable for those looking for a delicate ed shampoo anti-hair loss energizer, suitable for frequent use and does not damage the hair.

Why more active?

The Alpine Imperatoria extract with regenerating properties ensures a beneficial revitalizing activity for both the hair and the scalp.

Why is Energy Shampoo used?

It is used to wash the hair in a very delicate way, especially if it is thin, weak or with a tendency to fall out.

How does it look like?

Honey-colored shampoo due to the presence of natural Imperatoria extract. The scent is delicate, full of fresh notes. Once mixed with water and massaged into the hair, it produces a compact foam due to the modern formulation, which respects the scalp and hair.

How to use?

Gently massage onto wet hair, leave on for a few moments and rinse.

Why this product?

It is a delicately scented shampoo, suitable for daily use that does not dry out the hair and scalp. The modern formulation enriched with the natural extract of Imperatoria alpina makes it effective in case of thinning hair. Gives strength to weak and brittle hair with a tendency to fall out.

Energy Shampoo gives strength to your hair.





How to Use







Dermatologically tested

Made in Italy

Cosmetics by Farmacia Dobbiaco
How it all started

Arnica cream since 1974, a family story

The history of Farmacia Dobbiaco is a family history. Since 1974 the pharmacist and chemist Gianangelo Barbierato has been interested in traditional medicine, immediately recognizing the potential of nature .

Later his son Sandro, equally passionate, continued to study to improve his preparations. And so, from the heart of the Dolomites , the products of Farmacia Dobbiaco are born, closely linked to the Alpine tradition.

The herbs that grow in this climate produce a high concentration of active ingredients , which give greater strength and effectiveness to the preparations, to surprise you and make you even more attached to our territory.

Nature in the heart

Excellence from the Dolomites, feel the nature

The creator of our line of cosmetics was Mariagrazia, mother of Dr. Sandro , who passionately decided to prepare truly effective treatments for the difficult skin care of mountain people : a skin made drier and more sensitive by atmospheric agents and the sun at high altitudes.

It was clear right away: the products had to have a high concentration of natural active ingredients , be hypoallergenic and possibly unscented. And so, starting from his idea and thanks to our experience, we have created a vast cosmetic line of the highest quality.