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Arnica After Sport facilitates recovery

Arnica Gel After Sport, thanks to the properties attributed to the extracts of Arnica montana and Boswellia, facilitates muscle recovery. It is therefore indicated for massaging sore muscles after prolonged or sudden efforts.

This Gel was born from a specific need, that is to soothe that annoying sensation of stiff, inelastic or even sore muscle that we find after an effort for which we haven't prepared ourselves or after having gone beyond our possibilities. That's why we thought of this gel formulation that is easily massaged, quickly absorbed and leaves a feeling of freshness on the skin. We then functionalized it to remove fatigue from the muscles.

Specific for recovery after physical activity

Have you ever accepted an invitation to an activity that turned into a marathon? We smile at the memory of the adventure and exclaim at the memory of the lactic acid that bit our muscles the next day. Just to avoid, after a good experience, being stuck and unable to move, we use Arnica After Sport after the effort to avoid the side effects of too much movement.

To face new challenges with a light heart

You can easily dare a little more when you know that you have the antidote to muscle fatigue anyway. Take and use Arnica After Sport as needed.

With Arnica, Boswellia and Horse Chestnut

To reduce muscle fatigue, we have used this combination of naturally derived substances in a mix aimed at counteracting the sensation of hardened or exhausted muscles.

Multi Treatment Pharmacy Dobbiaco

To get off to a great start in the face of those who considered you finished, take Magnesio Forte as a saline supplement and Rhodiola tablets for strength and determination.

Arnica After Sport, and restart immediately in shape and with an extra gear.





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Dermatologically tested

Made in Italy

Arnica Montana and Farmacia Dobbiaco
How it all started

Arnica Montana products since 1974,
a family story

The story of Farmacia Dobbiaco is a family story. Since 1974, pharmacist and chemist Gianangelo Barbierato has been interested in traditional medicine, immediately recognizing the potential of natural products.

Later his equally passionate son Sandro continued to study to further improve the products. And so, from the heart of the Dolomites, the products of Farmacia Dobbiaco were born, closely linked to Alpine tradition.

The herbs that grow in this climate produce a high concentration of active ingredients, which give greater strength and effectiveness to the products, to surprise you and make you even more attached to our territory.

Nature in our hearts

Excellent craftsmanship from the Dolomites,
feel the nature

The unique Arnica Montana of the Dolomites has been used for hundreds of years. The flowers undergo an alcoholic extraction process and the resulting tinctures contain the active ingredients responsible for the anti-inflammatory effect.

For Farmacia Dobbiaco this was not enough, so we chose to concentrate this tincture even more. The extracting agent (alcohol) is evaporated until all that remains is the substance, the so-called dry extract.

The active ingredients are then found pure and highly concentrated for the greatest possible effectiveness.