I walk with my wife Wendela – curator of the pharmacy herbarium – on the high meadows of Monte Rota here in Dobbiaco, and she makes me notice the arnica flower in full bloom. This fascinating plant is traditionally used in the Alpine world and its properties are certified in the pharmacopoeia. For decades now Farmacia Dobbiaco has chosen to use the dry extract of this flower, which is up to 300 times more effective than the tincture. Our arnica products are more powerful than others;
that’s why they call us “the Arnica Pharmacy”.

food supplements

During my bike rides along cool watercourses in our mountains,
I recognize the erbs that I know well and that I use with care and passion in my supplements  When clients tell me that the mallow syrup I made for the bronchi acts better than others, that with our feverfew a headache has gone away, my love for preparing food supplements and my respect for the traditional natural medicine of our region grows even stronger.


Making cosmetics started with my mother Mariagrazia, who ideated treatments for the skin of people living in our mountains. A dry and sensitive skin due to atmospheric agents. It was clear: the products needed a high concentration of natural active ingredients and they had to be hypoallergenic and possibly fragrance free. Today, thanks to our expertise and the use of the biological extracts of  edelweiss, masterwort and mallow, we have created a cosmetic line of the highest quality.

medical cosmetics

It‘s quite simple to take care of healthy skin. It gets complicated when the skin dries out, cracks, is sensitive or damaged. Our aim is to restore skin to its intact and healthy appearance. That’s why we created these “medical cosmetics” dedicated to the problematic skin: fragrance free hypoallergenic formulations with a high concentration of soothing and moisturizing ingredients.

sun protection

I walk on a path at high altitude and on a sunny ridge I can see an edelweiss. This beautiful flower has developed a sap to protect itself from drying out and to safeguard itself from UV rays. Farmacia Dobbiaco adds the extract of this plant to its sunscreen to ensure better hydration and protection. Here is the secret of our dolomite sun protection.

amaro - Bitter

It was my father Gianangelo who formulated this recipe ideated during his walks in the Dolomites and his cross-country skiing trips in the valley. He graduated in chemistry and pharmacy and is “academician” of Italian cuisine. This Bitter is the synthesis of a lifetime of study: the refined preparation method to optimize the extraction of the most active and fragrant resins, the best digestive herbs taken from the laboratory of our pharmacy and the excellent taste.
Drink it straight up or on the rocks. Prosit!

courtesy - for Hotels

Mountains, Dolomites, sun, snow, nature, flowers, traditions. Farmacia Dobbiaco offers you a selection of products made with biological extracts of plants that grow in an uncontaminated environment above 1200 meters. We have chosen the  moisturizing mallow, the reinforcing masterwort and the protective edelweiss to let you feel the nature of our mountains on your skin.