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Arnica at maximum concentration for your well-being.

Efficacy of Arnica confirmed by the European Commission

Arnica Forte €16,50

Discover Arnica Forte for greater lightness in your daily life. This cream is a real panacea as it effectively soothes tension, thanks to the highly concentrated dry extract of arnica. This formulation of Arnica Forte is ideal for massaging tension in joints, muscles and tendons. Trust the potential of these plant active ingredients and enjoy the soothing sensation of Arnica Forte on your skin.

Arnica Thermo €16,50

With Arnica Thermo you will experience intense heat and immediate relaxation! This formula, enriched with devil's claw, was specially developed to massage tension in the neck, shoulder and back area. Feel the warm effect on your skin and say goodbye to tension. Trust the power of nature and feel relief with Arnica Thermo.

Arnica Gel€16,50

Experience the sensation of freshness with Arnica Gel! This gel has been specially developed to stimulate microcirculation and provide a refreshing massage, useful for swelling and bruises. After an intense workout or a long day at work, Arnica Gel is the ideal companion to speed up recovery and relieve the feeling of tired and heavy legs. Enjoy the invigorating effect of Arnica Gel on your skin.

Arnica Gel Forte €29,50

Discover the extraordinary power of Arnica Gel Forte! Muscles, joints, nerves or tendons: Arnica Gel Forte acts specifically and effectively on each of these. The gel is absorbed deep into the affected areas with a revitalizing effect. Use it after sport, in case of overexertion or simply to relax, and rely on the power of Arnica Gel Forte. Enjoy a life of freedom of movement.

These customers say about us

Exceptional arnica cream! I got to know these products while on vacation and I found them really super.

Anne S.

Already after the first application of Arnica Forte I felt an improvement. After a few days, my pain completely disappeared.

Susan F.

Arnika Forte

Great for tension in the neck and shoulder area. I usually use it with Arnica Forte because I have very sensitive skin and the cream makes my skin red.

Brigitte R.

Arnika Thermo

The cream for heavy and tired legs was recommended to me. I massage her in the morning and in the evening and I have to say it works! Thanks for the advice!

Marika F.

Arnik Gel

The large format is great! My mother (82) has severe arthritis in her hands and uses the gel several times a day. He has less pain and consumes fewer painkillers.

Martin K.

Arnika Gel Forte

Great products, great service. Ordering and delivery within Germany was quick and uncomplicated. Advised!

Thomas D.

Verified customer

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