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Buying on the Internet, without really seeing the product and the seller, can be a lottery. This is why we have decided to put our commitment and everything that you can rightly expect from us.

So, we guarantee you that:
1. our pharmacist will always give you his professional advice.
2. your order will be processed on average within 1 hour of receipt / payment (except for normal closing times and weekends).
3. shipments will start on average the day after the order, in order to be delivered as quickly as possible by express courier.
4. every your note on products and shipping will be considered carefully and every time we could we will forgive any mistakes.
5. If the product were to present defects we will change it as soon as possible, you will only have to send it back.
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Legislative Decree 30 May 2003 No. 196

DOBBIACO PHARMACY – Dr. Sandro Barbierato from Dobbiaco (BZ), who works in electronic commerce under the brand name Farmacia Dobbiaco, announces that personal data, supplied with the compilation of the “personal data” form or in any other way, form an object of treatment pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003.
These data remain available to the consumer for verification, modification or cancellation (by entering their personal data sheet) and for the exercise of any other right provided for in articles 7, 8, 9 Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n.196.
The data are entered in a customer registry file at the time of the first order or registration, an identification code and a password are assigned which must be kept for subsequent operations.

With reference to these data, Farmacia Dobbiaco communicates that:
– the collection and processing of consumer data is necessary if he wants to order products or to access particular services (in this case, a consumer refusal would make it impossible to process the order or access to the service), while it is optional in any other case.
– the consumer data will be processed in written form and on electronic, telematic, magnetic and paper support; their processing will take place in relation to contractual requirements, including payment, payment and delivery of products ordered, to fulfill obligations required by law or ordered by the Authorities and, on explicit authorization, for purposes of commercial and promotional promotional information and for market research.
– the consumer data may be visible to the employees of the Dobbiaco Pharmacy.
– the consumer’s data will not be disclosed or communicated to third parties, except for those necessary or functional for carrying out the Dobbiaco Pharmacy’s contractual activity: banking institutes for the management of payments and transport forwarders, at the place indicated by the consumer, of the purchased products, third parties that provide activities and services necessary for the execution of the services that the consumer has decided to request or authorize from the Dobbiaco Pharmacy.
– the consumer’s data, unless otherwise specified, will be communicated to the person to whom he has decided to send one or more products purchased via Farmacia Dobbiaco, or to use as his address for the destination of the products purchased. in order not to generate distrust in the person who is the recipient of an anonymous package, then in complete transparency.

Owner and manager of the treatment:
Dobbiaco Pharmacy – Dr. Sandro Barbierato – Via San Giovanni, 6 – 39034 Dobbiaco (BZ) – P.Iva 02661670212
Tel: +39 0474 972 165 – Fax: +39 0474 973 824.

Right of access to personal data and other rights.
1. The interested party has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal data concerning him / her, even if not yet registered, and their communication in intelligible form.
2. The interested party has the right to obtain the indication:
a) of the origin of personal data;
b) of the purposes and methods of the processing;
c) of the logic applied in case of treatment carried out with the aid of electronic instruments;
d) of the identifying details of the holder, of the responsible and of the designated representative according to article 5, paragraph 2;
e) of the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data may be communicated or who can learn about them as appointed representative in the territory of the State, managers or agents.

The interested party has the right to obtain:
a) updating, rectification or, when interested, integration of data;
b) the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed unlawfully, including data whose retention is unnecessary for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed;
c) the attestation that the operations referred to in letters a) and b) have been brought to the attention, also as regards their content, of those to whom the data have been communicated or disseminated, except in the case where such fulfillment is it proves impossible or involves a use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right.

The interested party has the right to object, in whole or in part:
a) on legitimate grounds, to the processing of personal data concerning him / her, even though they are relevant to the purpose of the collection;
b) to the processing of personal data concerning him for the purpose of sending advertising or direct sales material or for carrying out market research or commercial communication.

Exercise of rights:
1. The rights referred to in Article 7 shall be exercised with an informal request to the owner or manager, also through a designated person, to whom appropriate confirmation is provided without delay.
2. The rights referred to in Article 7 can not be exercised by request to the owner or manager or by appeal pursuant to Article 145, if the processing of personal data is carried out:

a) based on the provisions of the Decree-Law of 3 May 1991, n. 143, converted, with modifications, from the law 5 July 1991, n. 197, and subsequent modifications, concerning recycling;
b) according to the provisions of the decree-law of 31 December 1991, n. 419, converted, with modifications, from the law 18 February 1992, n. 172, as amended, with regard to support for victims of extortion requests;
c) by parliamentary committees of inquiry set up pursuant to Article 82 of the Constitution;
d) by a public entity, different from public economic entities, on the basis of the express provision of law, for exclusive purposes related to monetary and currency policy, the payment system, the control of intermediaries and credit and financial markets, as well as the protection of their stability;
e) pursuant to Article 24, paragraph 1, letter f), limited to the period during which it could derive an actual and concrete prejudice for the conduct of defensive investigations or for the exercise of the right in court;
f) by providers of electronic communication services accessible to the public with regard to incoming telephone communications, unless it may derive an actual and concrete prejudice for the conduct of the defensive investigations referred to in the law of December 7, 2000, n. 397;
g) for reasons of justice, in judicial offices of every grade or the Superior Council of the judiciary or other self-governing bodies or the Ministry of Justice;
h) pursuant to Article 53, without prejudice to the provisions of the law of 1 April 1981, n. 121.
The Guarantor, also upon notification by the interested party, in the cases referred to in paragraph 2, letters a), b), d), e) and f), shall proceed in the manner provided for in Articles 157, 158 and 159 and,in the cases referred to in letters c), g) and h) of the same paragraph, shall proceed in the manner referred to in Article 160.
4. The exercise of the rights referred to in article 7, when it does not concern data of an objective nature, may take place unless it concerns the rectification or integration of personal data of an evaluative nature, relating to judgments, opinions or other appraisals.subjective, as well as the indication of conduct to be held or decisions being taken by the data controller.
Operating mode:
1. The request addressed to the owner or manager can also be sent by registered letter, fax or e-mail. The Guarantor can identify another suitable system with reference to new technological solutions. When it concerns the exercise of the rights referred to in Article 7, paragraphs 1 and 2, the request can also be formulated verbally and in that case it is noted briefly by the person in charge of the person in charge.
2. In the exercise of the rights referred to in Article 7, the interested party may confer, in writing, a proxy or power of attorney to natural persons, bodies, associations or bodies. The interested party can also be assisted by a trusted person.
3. The rights referred to in Article 7 referring to personal data concerning deceased persons may be exercised by those who have an interest of their own, or act to protect the data subject or for family reasons deserving protection.
4. The identity of the interested party is verified on the basis of suitable elements of evaluation, also by means of deeds or documents available or exhibition or attachment of a copy of an identity document. The person acting on behalf of the interested party exhibits or attaches a copy of the power of attorney, or the proxy signed in the presence of a person in charge or signed and presented together with an unauthenticated photocopy of a document of recognition of the person concerned. If the person concerned is a juridical person, an institution or an association, the request is made by the legitimate individual according to the respective statutes or regulations.
5. The request referred to in Article 7, paragraphs 1 and 2, is formulated freely and without constraints and may be renewed, save for the existence of justified reasons, with an interval of no less than ninety days.