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Alberto’s burning adventure

La “bruciante” avventura di Alberto
Alberto’s “burning” adventure
Arnica Thermo good for warming up, not for the face

Wash your hands well after applying it.
My name is Alberto and I’m a pharmacist at Farmacia Dobbiaco.
I’d like to tell you about my “burning” experience with a product from our arnica line: specifically with Arnica Thermo.
One of my spare time passions is basketball, and when I moved to Toblach I immediately started looking for a team that would give me the chance to play this sport. This opportunity came about thanks to the sports club ASD Brunico, which is in the promotion championship.
Before a match, as usual, I applied Arnica Thermo on neck and legs to relax the muscles, to avoid injuries and to benefit from the warming effect … sometimes perhaps with a little too much ‘benefit’!

During the match, in fact, in full competitive tension, I unconsciously wiped the sweat off my face with my hands, with undesirable consequences: a completely reddened face, incessant tearing and great concern on the part of the opponents, unaware of the strong reaction…
It was obvious: I had forgotten to wash my hands after applying Arnica Thermo.

In the end it all ended with a general laugh and, after a thorough washing under running water, I resumed the game without any consequences.
At that moment, I thought: ‘this is why I always advise customers who buy Arnica Thermo to wash their hands well after use‘…

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