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Malva Complex Syrup, relief for nose, throat and lungs

It was once thought that coughs, colds and sore throats were winter ailments. Nowadays they are ailments that accompany us throughout the year. After coming into contact with viruses or other pathogens, the mucous membranes of the nose, throat and bronchi become irritated and swollen, and respond by producing exudate and thus causing symptoms such as a stuffy nose, low voice and cough.
These situations disturb us and prevent us from fully carrying out our normal activities. Certainly sport, but also simply enjoying a good meal.

Arnica Thermo, beneficial heat effect.

For its marked anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, Arnica is one of the most effective natural remedies against musculoskeletal pain, arthritis and minor trauma. Its anti-phlogistic, pain-relieving and anti-ecmimotic properties have made Arnica one of the best known and appreciated solutions in phytotherapy against the consequences of minor injuries. Its power against traumas, especially those affecting soft tissues, is formidable: it promotes the reabsorption of edema and quickly reduces pain, even in the event of a fracture.

Amaro Di Dobbiaco, herbs of choice, memorable taste

Dobbiaco, Pusteria, South Tyrol, ‘70s.
Doctor Gianangelo Barbierato, chemist and pharmacist, a great passion for nature and for its flavors, formulates and prepares a liqueur for his guests. He carefully chooses the herbs in the pharmacy laboratory and uses a particular method of extraction that allows to solubilize even the resinous and most fragrant part of the plants. Little sugar to enhance the different aromas.

Rhodiola, to increase motivation and concentration

OBIETTIVI SEMPRE PIU AMBIZIOSIGli esami nella vita non finiscono mai. Per gli studenti a scuola, per gli atleti nello sport, per i grandi nella vita lavorativa ed affettiva gli obiettivi sono sempre nuovi e sempre più ambiziosi e quindi...

Magnesio Forte, to be strong as a rock.

We often hear about the importance of taking a magnesium supplement. In fact, this element boasts regenerative virtues for the mind, muscles, nerves and joints. It contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, normal muscle function and electrolyte balance. It is also useful for supporting physiological psychological and nervous system functions as well as helping to maintain bones in good condition.

Arnica Forte

Who has not experienced a feeling of tension or discomfort in the back, neck, joints or muscles? The cause may be fatigue, poor posture, a cold or age. What is certain is that we want to quickly resolve this discomfort that keeps us from doing our normal activities.

Dobbiaco Cream, glove cream to protect the skin

Wind, cold and the use of soaps and disinfectants are some of the factors that contribute to dehydration of the skin of hands, face and body. If unprotected, the skin dries out, cracks and tends to split, resulting in small cracks that we call rhagades.

Urea Emulsion. Professional hydration that lasts all day.

The topic of dry or extremely dry skin is very much on the agenda. Various factors can contribute to the skin becoming inelastic and dehydrated to the point of cracking and, in some cases, thickening.  A genetic predisposition combined with the use of aggressive detergents, dry air or exposure to the sun can contribute to a rough appearance, the formation of flakes or small rhagades.  We are thinking above all of the skin on the elbows and legs or, in the case of dermatitis, on other parts of the body.

SPF 30 Spray Solare, safe, fast, non-greasy and water resistant.

What a great feeling, what freedom, to be able to expose your skin to the sun. After the winter months, our skin is not used to UV rays. To avoid unpleasant irritations and erythema, it is important to protect your skin with a sunscreen.